ATM and Electronic Store Thefts: 16 Plead Guilty to Crime

According to Massachusetts prosecutors, sixteen people have pleaded guilty to participating in a crime operation which involved the stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars by way of ATM machines and various electronic stores. This crime spree spread over a period of four years in six different Massachusetts counties. According to the State Police Colonel Timothy P. Alben, the investigations to come to this place were painstaking and extensive, and required the utmost diligence from their team.

The investigators working on the crime spree spent years building their case against those in the operation, specifically against the ring leader, a 42 year old man from Lawrence, MA along with his fifteen accomplices. The ring leader pleaded guilty in the end of May to a total of 60 different charges that included breaking and entering into a vault, at night, numerous charges of larceny as well as malicious destruction of property. As a result of plead, his sentencing includes the next 16 years behind bars and the following 10 years on probation after that.

Due to the ring leader waiting the longest amount of time to plead guilty for the crimes, the prosecution gave him the hardest of penalties, some of the others who came forward initially received extremely light sentencing's, some of which included only probation.

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