LoJack SafetyNet System Helps to Locate Missing Persons Fast

When deputies were notified of a missing elderly male last week, they decided to start in on the investigation right away. The individual that was missing had allegedly walked away from his residency and never returned. Neighbors were worried that the elderly man was lost because he suffers from dementia. Because of his mental condition, authorities considered the missing person to be endangered.

Upon starting their search for the missing individual, deputies learned that the elderly man wore a SafetyNet Bracelet. They were able to father his frequency number and then use SafetyNet tracking equipment to learn the man's location. The Hillsborough aviation that was equipped with a LoJack SafetyNet receiver picked up the elderly man's location and told patrol units where he was. It took only 17 minutes for the tracking equipment to point deputies to Anderson Road and Emfield Drive, where they were able to collect the older man and bring him back to his residency.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is thankful that they were able to evidence the usefulness of SafetyNet technology in this case. The office partnered with the Tampa Police Department back in September of 2009 to announce the launch of Project Lifesaver for citizens in Hillsborough County that have cognitive disorders. The project encouraged elderly individuals with dementia to wear SafetyNet bracelets so that they could be quickly located if they go missing.

This technology has helped the department to find many older individuals who can often wander off alone. The same technology could be used in children as well to prevent kidnappings. Authorities can often use GPS tracking in phones or other location-revealing devices to learn where individuals are and rescue them from kidnappers. With the utilization of these GPS tracking devices, it will be more difficult from kidnappers to get away with their crimes and ensure safety in Hillsborough County!