PlayStation Predator Previously Trained as Tampa Police Cadet

A Tampa man, Tony McLeod, who was arrested for criminal activity that resulted in news casters nicknaming him as the “PlayStation predator,” has been discovered to have had a background of police cadet training. According to reports of an old cadet friend from the program he two of them had gone through the Hillsborough Community College Police Academy in 2010 together. The friend shares that following their program, the man begin to apply for the Tampa Police Department though he never completed the application process.

The friend reports that when he ran into McLeod, he learned that he was just recently hired to work as federal agency work railway security and was engaged to a flight attendant. However, Tampa Police have been unable to identify whether or not these are actual truths. McLeod was arrested just recently for felony charges of kidnapping and transmission of harmful material to a minor which included sexually explicit pictures. After weeks of these exchanges, the 14 year old California boy was kidnapped by him, they flew to Tampa where McLeod was then arrested. The two met using the online gaming systems of PlayStation.

This man who was allegedly trained as a police cadet was known for having a decent reputation among the people he knew and worked with, and today there are still many people who are shocked by his actions. The police found numerous pieces of evidence after they confiscated iPad, and iPhone, computers, etc.; the sexually explicit pictures were sent over the boy’s cell phone.

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