Tampa Man Accused of Kidnapping Calif. Teen

A 36 year old Tampa man has been accused of sending sexually explicit photos of himself to a teenage boy in California and then kidnapped him last week. As a result of these actions, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is now placing federal charges against him for his crimes of enticing a minor with the goal of "unlawful sexual activity." Reports show that this man found the 14 year old boy and befriended him and began sending him inappropriate content online. They allegedly met by playing online games using Sony's PlayStation gaming devices.

June 10th is when the parents of the young boy reported him to be missing because he never came home after going to school that day. Later on, the authorities located the older man and boy on a flight headed back to Tampa from Los Angeles. The Tampa police were notified and waited for the plane to land and immediately arrested the man for his actions. There were a total of five federal charges placed against the adult male including kidnapping and transmission of harmful material to a minor, among many others. At this time, the man is in Hillsborough County jail, and is currently there without out bail.

Sex crimes involving a minor can result in severe criminal penalties if the individual is convicted for the acts. Whether it is the intent to do sexual activity, or it has already been done, the authorities will put forward all of their efforts to be sure that an offender is punished to the fullest extent by the law. If you were arrested for a sex crime, please contact Thomas & Paulk today for an aggressive Tampa criminal defense lawyer who will fight on your behalf. Call us now to learn more about how we can fight for you.