Cold Case: Boston Art Heist Clues Surface 23 Years Later

According to the New York Times, a FBI cold case has had new clues surface after 23 years of waiting and confusion. The FBI announced on Monday that they allegedly have discovered the identity of the thieves who were involved in an art heist these many years ago at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. They claim hat this heist is known to be one of the more famous acts in history. FBI official’s claim that the paintings surfaced again about 10 years ago, traveling through multiple states by who they believe to be a well-known crime organization. At this time, very little information about the clues is being discussed with the public for security measures.

The FBI is going through a lot of work in order to receiver these paintings, and this includes creating signs with the billboards in order to help the public keep their eyes open. The museum is currently offering $5 million to whoever is able to share the information that leads the investigators to the art in good condition. This art work is valued at about $500 million, which is why acquiring it is so crucial. At this time the investigators have no idea where the paintings may be.

March 18, 1990 marked the day of this grand heist, and it resulted in the taking of 13 different items in just 81 minutes. This included 2 large Rembrandts, Vermeer, Monet, Flink, and Degas. At this point, the investigators believe it was a mobster and his crew who were involved in this specific act. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a theft crime contact Thomas & Paulk, P.A. today for the Tampa criminal defense attorney you need on your side. We are very skilled in the area of theft crimes, so call us today for more information.