Compliance Checks in Hillsborough County Tonight

Hillsborough County will continue to act on Operation 3D, a plan aims at ousting drunk driving in the area. Over the past few months, the sheriff's department has focused on DUI enforcement through a variety of different strategies. The authorities have sent our heightened patrols, dealt with saturation, and had nights of scheduled compliance checks to make sure that the citizens of Tampa and surrounding cities remember that it isn't acceptable to drink and then drive.

That's why there will be a compliance check tonight between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. The Hillsborough County authorities probably chose this time span because it is when most people are out to eat and may decide to drink alcohol. After this, they may assume that they can just drive home regardless of the fact that they are intoxicated. This compliance check will take place in District III, which is a part of Western Hillsborough County. There will be no BAT or TRANSPORT as a part of the check.

Compliance checks are an important law enforcement strategy, specifically because they can help the police to discover if underage individuals are drinking at bars or restaurants in the area. There is a federal zero-tolerance law for those that are under the age of 21 throughout the United States. If these teens are caught with alcohol on their person or have any alcohol in their bloodstream, then they can be arrested.

If you want more information about compliance checks, or if you were arrested during one of these checks and now need assistance in defending yourself, a dedicated Tampa criminal defense lawyer at Thomas & Paulk can help. Contact the firm today for more information and to discuss the specific details of your situation. In the meantime, remember to drive safe this weekend so that you can avoid being arrested in a compliance check or in the heightened patrol throughout all districts on Saturday.