Easter Sunday and DUI Statistics

Every holiday can be an excuse to drink, and this can sometimes lead to dangerous driving out on the roads. At Easter, many families get together to drink wine and celebrate this festive holiday. Whenever there are get-togethers and parties with alcohol involved, it is easy for guests to drink a little too much, and then get behind the wheel to head home shortly afterwards. While Easter is not considered a major DUI holiday, it always important to be aware. As you celebrate the holiday with friends or family, remember to designate a driver and limit the amount of alcohol that you consume.

In many jurisdictions, law enforcement will be patrolling the areas on Sunday, making sure that there are not any DUI offenders operating on the road. With extra patrols there to keep a lookout, the law enforcement officers hope that they can catch intoxicated drivers before they ruin Easter for others. Also on Sunday is Cesar-Chavez Day. This is considered a relatively unruly holiday by those who celebrate it, and may give authorities cause to be extra aware on Sunday.

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