Traffic Stop Turns Into Arrest

In Hillsborough County, police were going a typical, traffic stop when they saw Mark Anthony Clem and pursued an arrest. Clem has been on the run since he was discovered committing illegal acts on March 11, 2013. Deputies noted that a vehicle had left the building where Clem allegedly lived, and the driver ran a stop sign. This was cause enough to pull the man over legally. After he flagged the car down, the criminal jumped out and took off on foot. He was chased by deputies in the area, and was almost hit by a patrol car when he ran out in front of it. Eventually, the criminal was apprehended and he was taken into custody.

He has been charged with the burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, sealing with stolen property, obstructing or opposing and officer without violence, and grand theft. If you have been charged with a crime like these, then you will want a dedicated and hardworking lawyer on your side. With the right attorney there to assist you, you may discover that you can create a plea bargain or even get your case dismissed because of a lack of evidence or other significant factors. At Thomas & Paulk, there are Tampa criminal defense attorneys who are ready and willing to work on your case.

With the right lawyer by your side, you can negotiate through many of the complicated issues of an arrest and accusation. Thomas & Paulk understand that your case is unique, so they will never try to process your situation through a prefabricated mold. Instead, you will be regarded as your own person and will gain representation as such. Call the firm and get a free case evaluation today to determine whether or not a lawyer at the firm could help you with your case.