$6 Billion Money Laundering Scheme, 7 Suspects Charged

What is being called the biggest money laundering scheme in the history of the United States, has led to the money laundering of over $6 billion. Federal prosecutors have charged seven people for their involvement in this scheme showing that they were in charge of running an underworld bank online. This "bank" is said to have funneled about $6 billion between drug dealers, child pornographers, identity theft as well as a number of other criminal actions all over the world.

Liberty Reserve is the name of the company that would transfer currency and do payment-processing for customers, offering the people a chance to move money between accounts over the internet in almost an entirely private manner with little or no questions asked regarding the purpose of the money transfer. This company was based in Costa Rica and has allegedly processed over 55 million illegal transactions for over 1 million users globally, 200,000 of which were U.S. citizens. All of this was done in a period of just seven years.

Prosecutors argued that this company allowed anyone to use their services, accepting completely contact information including names like "Joe Bogus" or "Russian Hacker" and addresses such as "123 Fake Street in Completely Made up City, New York." Within the indictment against the company, the prosecution claims that their network allowed all forms of criminal activity worldwide to filter through. Liberty Reserve funneled money for a host of criminals and the prosecutors want to see action taken.

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