17 Year Old Punches Soccer Referee, Man Dies from the Blow

Struggling with a temper is something that is not unheard of for the average teenage boy, especially one who is in the moment of a heated athletic event. Sadly, what many don't expect is that when they take out that anger on another person, which it could result in their death. This was the story for a referee and a teenage boy at his soccer game in Utah last week. According to reports, this 17 year old suspect was arguing with the referee and then in the heat of the moment punched the ref in the face at close proximity.

Originally everyone, including the referee, thought he was fine after the punch. However, he quickly began to feel dizzy and then started vomiting up blood bot long after; the ambulance was called immediately. When the emergency responders arrived at the scene, the victim was laying on the ground in fetal position claiming that both his back and face hurt and that he was still nauseous after the vomiting. At this point they saw no injuries that were visible, but they were concerned and took him to the nearby hospital.

Once this man arrived at the hospital, his brain kept swelling, and he fell into a coma; and died just one week later. According to a physician at the hospital, one punch to the head can result in a traumatic brain injury; even a fatal one.

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