Charges of Felony Child Abuse Dropped

In one of Thomas & Paulk's recent cases, a father was charged with felony child abuse after his 13-year-old son claimed his father had struck him in the face. Deputy's from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office were called out to the home to investigate the incident and decided to charge the father even though the evidence provided at the time indicated the son may have hit the father first. Our office was retained to represent the father for his criminal charges.

We immediately contacted the State Attorney's Office to provide them with further evidence that our client was only responding to the actions of his teenage son. In felony criminal matters, the State Attorney reviews all cases before formal charges are filed in court. Many times a skilled defense attorney can provide evidence to that State Attorney that can case the State to decide not to proceed on charges or to file reduced charges. In this case, after reviewing evidence and case law provided by our office, the State declined to file any criminal charges against our client.