Surveillance Video Shows Man Stealing Clothes

A 22-29 year old man with a dark complexion was caught on a surveillance video wearing a tan baseball hat, a clack T-shirt, and red gym shorts as he tried to smuggle menswear out of a store. Police reports suggest that the man stole at least $21,000.00 worth of clothes from the retail location and he is now under arrest. He was assisted in his crime by another dark complexioned-man with an afro that was wearing a black stocking cap and a dark green T-shirt.

The ordeal occurred on September 23rd, 2013 after 10 a.m. in a Macy's Department Store at the University Square Mall. The man did not pay for any of the clothing that was taken out of the store. Allegedly, when the suspects entered the store they took six empty Macy's bags from behind a closed register counter. They then filled the bags with clothes, and fled the store before they could be apprehended. They were last seen driving a Honda Acura made in the early 90's.

Retail theft can be serious, and depending on the value of the items stolen it can bring on serious penalties such as jail time and excessive fines. Also, the individual who stole the items will typically need to pay the wronged party back for all expenses.

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