Copper Thief Arrested

A man with the initials V.B. was recently arrested for the burglary of an unoccupied structure, grand theft of the third degree, criminal mischief of $1,000 or more and theft of copper. The individual stole the copper from an AT&T property in Florida. The suspect opened the combination lock on the gate then the promptly placed shirts over all of the security cameras. He removed $2,000 worth of red copper wire used for lightning suppression and fled.

Stealing materials such as copper can be a serious crime that can result in lengthy penalties. In Florida, entering a property without authorization with the intent to commit a crime is known as burglary. The actual act of taking property from the premises is considered thievery. The man was charged with this crime back in March, but police just recently apprehended the suspect and put him behind bars.

He now faces a trial and possible sentencing for this offense. If you are charged with burglary or theft, you need to hire a hardworking and dedicated lawyer to work alongside you. Don't hesitate to call Thomas & Paulk P.A. right away to get more information about how an aggressive Tampa criminal defense lawyer can help.