Thomas & Paulk Helps Client Facing Second DUI Charges

In one of Thomas & Paulk's recent cases, our client was involved in a traffic crash on I-4 resulting in the vehicle crashing into a retention pond. It was alleged that our client then exited the vehicle and attempted to leave the scene. A Trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol then arrived to conduct a DUI investigation. Our client refused to submit to any field sobriety exercises and was arrested for DUI.

The Trooper then asked our client to take a breath test, which he refused. Our client had a previous DUI conviction so he was facing enhanced penalties. Through our review of the documents, we were able to discover multiple problems with the State's case. Because of these problems, the State Attorney agreed to drop the DUI to a reckless driving even though our client had a prior DUI record. The State also dropped the leaving the scene of an accident charge and the careless driving charge.