Woman Arrested for Animal Abuse

A woman in Tampa was recently arrested for tying up a dog in her yard and leaving the animal without food or water for over a week. The deputies arrived at the residency after getting a reference to a person that was abusing an animal.

The police say that the dog was severely malnourished and its shoulder blades, spine, rib cage and pelvic bones were visibly showing. The animal's owner was located and questioned. The owner admitted that she tied the dog up and failed to give him food or water for more than a week. She was arrested and transported to the Orient Road jail.

If you have been accused of abusing an animal, you are going to want a hardworking lawyer to defend you. Animal abuse is a serious offense in Florida, and can result in hefty fines and even jail time. If you want more information, or are looking for an aggressive defender, don't hesitate to call a Tampa criminal defense attorney at Thomas & Paulk today!