Thomas & Paulk Handles Two DMV Hearings

In August, our Tampa criminal defense law firm helped two people through their DMV Formal Review Hearing. In the first, our client had been facing a license suspension for an 18-month period for refusing to take a breath test for the second time. After our firm was retained, we filed for the formal review hearing to contest the suspension; we also subpoenaed the officers involved in the case. The officers did not appear at the hearing, and our firm moved to set aside the suspension. Our client had their license reinstated.

The second DMV Hearing, we represented a client who was facing a potential 6-month suspension of their license for allegedly having a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit of 0.08 percent. In our defense of our client, we argued that while attempting to obtain our client's medical records, the State Trooper did not follow proper legal requirements. Because the DMV did not obtain these records properly, we were able to have the license suspension aside, and we were able to assist our client in obtaining a license once more.

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