Trooper Fired Due to Arrest for DUI, Drug Possession

Last month, an on-duty trooper for the Florida Highway Patrol was arrested for DUI and drug possession, reports the Tampa Bay Times. The very next day, the 36-year-old suspect was dismissed from his position. According to reports, it was 4:30 p.m. when another state trooper received a report from a gas station that a driver looked intoxicated.

When the second trooper arrived, he found the suspect outside the patrol car, with red eyes, impaired speech, and even impaired ability to perform basic tasks. The trooper asked the suspect to do some field sobriety tests, which were reported to confirm the trooper's suspicions, and he conducted a DUI arrest. Later, watching the gas station's video footage, the suspect was seen driving himself to the station. Then when the suspect was booked at Hernando County Detention Center, he is said to have refused to take a urine test. He is reported as saying, "Can't I just resign rather than take this test?"

Oh, it gets worse. After the arrest, officials looked through the patrol car to come across eight hydrocodone pills, stuffed in a container meant for Tic Tacs. The day after, at which time he was fired, the suspect posted $1,250 bail and was released from custody.

Combining the penalties for refusing a chemical test, a DUI, and felony drug possession, this suspect could face penalties that include:

  • One year of driver's license suspension
  • Up to six months in jail or 5 years in prison
  • A $500-$5,000 fine

As bad as it is to have a termination on your record, this doesn't compare to the devastation of a criminal conviction on your permanent record. In fact, your reputation can be ruined the instant you face an accusation or arrest, regardless of how valid such allegations are.

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