Detectives Arrest Hillsborough County Offender in Attempted Murder

A man who was already in jail was recently charged with the attempted murder of a security guard. The event took place on November 24th 2013. Detectives were able to locate the defendant using forensic evidence that was let at the scene in addition to a witness. Detectives believe that the man that they have arrested is the shooter. He was already in custody for another homicide, and currently resides in the Orient Road jail.

A security officer was patrolling the Royal Oaks Apartment complex when he was confronted by two unidentified male suspects that were trespassing on the property. The security guard confronted the men, and was shot twice. The suspects then fled the property after attacking the man. The police started an investigation and were able to locate the offender, after he had already been booked on a later homicide conviction.

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