FSU Basketball Recruit Arrested on Charge of Eating Marijuana

Thursday, January 16, a power forward who had committed to Florida State last year, along with two of his teammates from junior college, was stopped by police. According to police, the students were simply going to get a speeding ticket. But when the officers approached the car, they said that they were met with the smell of marijuana. The police said that all three men had swallowed marijuana in order to hide it from the police. All three students were arrested on charges of tampering with evidence. They have also been suspended by their junior college. That school, Chipola College, as well as FSU will wait to see the results of this case.

Even though there were not many details about the arrest itself, these details could play a huge part not only in how this case turns out, but in deciding the course of the future for three people. If someone is convicted of tampering with evidence, either by trying to change, hide, or destroy evidence, then they will be convicted of a third degree felony. This could mean up to $5,000 in fines and up to 5 years in prison. As severe as these penalties are, especially compared to the misdemeanor penalties for marijuana possession, the most damaging consequences of all is the criminal record, the permanent criminal record that follows someone into every job interview and can ruin any housing application. It is also enough to keep someone out of a good school.

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