Is Your Teen Smoking Spice?

Over the years, the smoking of Spice has become increasingly popular; especially amongst the younger population. While many parents are oblivious to the negative effects it can have, Spice has actually become known by the National Institute of Drug Abuse and other institutions as the "synthetic marijuana". This is because the product consists of a wide variety of herbal mixtures that lead to experiences similar to that of marijuana, although Spice has been marked as a "safe" alternative to it.

Spice has been given countless names, and has been labeled "not for human consumption" because it contains herbal materials and chemical additives that cause mind-altering effects. The DEA has ruled the five active chemicals most frequently found in it as illegal to sell, buy or possess, because they have the high potential for abuse and no medical benefit. Spice manufacturers attempt to avoid legal consequences by using different chemicals in their mixtures, although the DEA continues to monitor.

Since Spice is much easier to get a hold of than other hard and illegal drugs, it has become a product popular amongst young people. It is this easy-accessibility combined with the misconception that Spice products are "natural" and thus harmless, that have further contributed to their popularity. In addition, Spice is not easily detected through the use of standardized drug tests.

Detectives Seize 12 Pounds of Spice

Recently at a smoke shop in Thonotosassa, a sales clerk was arrested after she was found with 12 pounds of Spice. Prior to the search, detectives recorded two separate purchases of Spice that was labeled as "Sex Monkey" and sold by the sales clerk. The salesclerk is now facing charges for two counts of delivery of a controlled substance, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, and two counts of maintaining a dwelling for drug use.

Protect Your Child's Future!

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