Movie Theater Shooter's Future Still to be Determined

Back in January, a former Tampa police captain was arrested for murder after he shot the man who was texting in the movie theater while sitting next to him. The victim refused to stop texting his two year old daughter's babysitter during the previews, to which the shooter angrily left the movie to go file his complaint with management. However, the shooter returned shortly afterward and a dispute followed.

The shooter responded by pulling out a .22 caliber semiautomatic pistol and firing it at the victim. Even the victim's wife was affected by the shot, as the bullet grazed her ring finger. The shooter's attorney argues that their client was acting out of self-defense when they shot the victim. In video footage, you can see the victim throwing a lighted object at the shooter, which is believed to be the victim's phone.

It is reported that because the shooter was 71 years old and had health problems, he felt that he was at a large enough threat to take extreme measures. He claimed that the phone hit him with such great force that his glasses were knocked off of his face. After a recent DNA test, however, no evidence of the shooter's DNA showed up on the victim's phone.

The shooter still remains in jail, as the judge denied his request for bail back in February. The judge demands that during his hearing, he hears an account from both sides of regarding all research and interviews. The shooter has a pre-trial hearing, during which he has been given permission to change from his jail scrubs to street clothes, despite the objections he has received from prosecutors and the sheriff's department.

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