Woman Accused of Stealing Dogs from Animal Shelter in Tampa

Animal shelters are supposed to be rescue facilities for abandoned animals. Last week, 50 dogs were taken from a Spring Hill home because they were being kept in horrific living conditions. The dog owner allegedly stole three of them back from Hernando County Animal Services shortly after they were seized.

The suspect, a woman with the initials N.B., says that she is certainly not guilty and that the prosecution is simply trying to build a case against her because of the way that she cared for the dogs before they were taken away. N.B. claims that she was questioned by a Brooksville Police Detective on Wednesday about three dogs that are missing from the shelter.

She already signed 21 dogs over to the Hernando animal authorities, including three that have now vanished. She says that she had nothing to do with the missing dogs and that she doesn't know anyone at the shelter.

There are another 26 dogs that were taken from the woman's home and sent to various shelters throughout Florida to be put up for adoption. N.B. says that the detective asked her if she was working with anyone at the shelter to help free her dogs. She responded that she has not, but she is happy that the dogs have been able to get help and will be put in homes where they need to be.

The situation is still under investigation at present. If N.B. is convicted of stealing three of her dogs back, she may be arrested and jailed for her offense. If you want more information about animal abuse and robbery, don't hesitate to talk with a trusted attorney at Thomas & Paulk. With our team on your side, you can trust that we are will defend you to the best of our ability. Call today for more information about our Tampa criminal defense lawyers!