Florida Judge Arrested for DUI in Court Parking Lot

Tuesday, May 27, a Broward County judge was arrested on suspicion of DUI after hitting a parked police car in the court parking lot. Police reported that the 56-year-old had not only slammed into a highway median earlier, but she had also struck up against the parking gate several times with her car. When questioned by police, she said that she had popped an Ambien pill the day before, but she was not suspected of having downed any alcoholic beverage. She faces one driving under the influence charge, and another charge of DUI causing property damage. The arrestee is a sitting judge, and she was able to submit a written petition that has effectively barred her mug shot from being made available to the public. She is out of police custody having posted $1,500 bail.

During the arrest, officers reported that there was no odor of alcohol, but that her words slurred together, and she couldn't keep her balance. The judge is said to have failed field sobriety testing, and to have refused a blood or urine DUI test. She did take a breath test.

This is the third DUI arrest of a Broward County judge in just the last six months.

Arrested for driving under the influence in Tampa?

An arrest can happen to anyone, and it only takes one moment, one mistake or mistaken arrest, to throw your entire reputation and future into jeopardy. And unfortunately, taking a perfectly legal drug can result in a DUI arrest. If a prescription drug is not listed as a controlled substance, however, this could be grounds to get the charges dismissed.

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