Sex Offender Arrested for Travelling with a Minor

A sex offender travelled from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Tampa, Florida to meet with a 14-year-old girl that had been communicated with him via Facebook, Skype and KIK. The child corresponded with the man for more than six months, and made plans to meet him at her residency in Florida. The man then intended to take the child to Mexico.

The registered sex offender met the child at her home and then took her to a Greyhound bus station, where he purchased two tickets for Brownsville, Texas. The parents did not have knowledge or consent of these activities. The pair boarded a Greyhound bus that was bound for Brownsville. The juveniles parents discovered her missing from her bedroom on March 23rd, and immediately contacted the Tampa police. The team began a thorough investigation into the issue, and determined that the juvenile had been communicating with a man online. The Detectives identified the man that the juvenile was communicating with and revealed that he is a registered sex offender on felony probation.

The police were able to stop the Greyhound Bus in Tallahassee and arrest the man for absconding probation. The juvenile was reunited with her parents after the incident. In this incident, the police could not arrest the man on kidnapping charges because the juvenile went with him voluntarily. They also could not arrest him on charges of sexual offenses because he had not committed any crimes at the time of the incident.

Still, the man broke probation, and could be arrested on that account. The victim will now be arrested and penalized for leaving the city while on probation. If you want more information about sex offender registration, don't hesitate to contact the firm today. Also, if you have been accused of breaking probation, or of acting in a way that violates the laws of sex offender registration, don't hesitate to call a skilled Tampa criminal defense attorney in Tampa today. We will do what we can to help you avoid serious penalties. Call Thomas & Paulk for more information!