Florida DUI Penalties: "24/7 Sobriety" Programs Might Be Ordered Instead of Ignition Interlock Devices

According to the Miami News Times, a bill has surfaced in the Florida legislature that could mean daily DUI tests and more for certain DUI offenders. As the law currently stands in Florida, someone who has been convicted of a second or subsequent DUI could be ordered to pay for the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID), a built-in breath test which you have to pass in order to start the vehicle. While IID manufacturers lobbied to have this device included in the sentence for a first DUI conviction, lawmakers are poised to vote on a law that would have DUI convictions lead to "24/7 sobriety" program in place of IID installation.

This 24/7 alcohol abstinence program would include two mandatory breath tests every day, random urine tests, and an alcohol monitor anklet. Proponents of this measure say that these programs do far more than IIDs to prevent driving under the influence and other alcohol-fueled crimes. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles expressed its support for this program, wanting to test its effectiveness against the DUI-prevention measures of the IID. The department did add this would not be advisable for first-time convictions, but the terminology of the pending bill could mean that a first-time DUI conviction could include this penalty.

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Regardless of what happens to this bill, a DUI charge carries the staggering potential of many serious, even life-altering penalties. Not only can the mere accusation destroy your reputation, but a conviction would mean carrying this stain on your permanent record. After paying fines and serving a jail sentence, one would be faced with diminished life prospects. If you or someone you know has been charged with drunk or drugged driving, do not wait to call a Tampa DUI lawyer at Thomas & Paulk, P.A. Our DUI attorneys are former prosecutors as well as former cops, and their insights and talent have produced great outcomes for clients before, a track record that speaks for itself. You cannot afford to delay. Call our firm now, or fill your free case review today!