Tampa Business Suspected of Roofing Scam

Many employees of NBRC Roofing Co. have been arrested or are being sought for arrest after nearly 100 Tampa residences were left with unfinished roofing repairs. The accused employees are said to have visited area homes following a storm and convinced the homeowners that the storm caused damage to their roof. The company would work with the homeowners to file an insurance claim but would not complete the repairs once the insurance money was collected.

Accused of a Multi-State Insurance Scheme

The roofers would encourage homeowners to choose NBRC Roofing as the company doing the repairs and would receive the financial benefits from the claim. The roofs would remain unrepaired and the homeowners would have liens placed on their houses.

According to Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, the insurance scam has netted the employees over $525,000. Five NBRC Roofing Co. employees have already been arrested, and others are wanted for arrest.

Two of those suspected of fraud were found living in a Connecticut home leased to their new business. However, both has filed for bankruptcy in Florida and owe millions to investors in a failed shingle company on top of what they are accused of owing to defrauded homeowners. The men are suspected of launching a similar scheme to obtain insurance money from their Connecticut business.

These individuals are charged with organizing a scheme to defraud. If convicted, they each face up to 30 years in prison.

Fraud is a serious crime that can carry significant fines and jail time. If arrested on suspicion of fraud, do not speak before consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney at Thomas & Paulk.