How to Dress Appropriately for a DUI Trial

While lawyers may spend a significant amount of time in the courtroom, they don't control an individual's impression on the judge. Your first impression can go a long way in your case; it is crucial to dress and act accordingly.

The Dos & Don'ts of Courtroom Attire

The defendant’s appearance can influence the judge’s ruling on a case. Whether that influence is positive or negative is up to the defendant. Although the outcome of your case will not fully depend on your appearance, respecting the courtroom’s dress code demonstrates that you are responsible.

When asked to appear in court, a defendant should:

  • Avoid both bright colors or all black
  • Avoid strong colognes or perfumes
  • Be clean and visibly put-together
  • Conceal any visible tattoos
  • Dress conservatively and in presentable clothing
  • Keep footwear simple and appropriate
  • Put on neat and professional attire
  • Remove all jewelry besides a watch, wedding ring, or simple earrings
  • Steer away from tee shirts, sports attire, or clothing with vulgarity on it

The defendant may be judged by the court before they open their mouth. By giving the judge nothing to focus on other than the value of their words and the quality of their legal defense, the defendant has a better chance of securing a favorable outcome. Our Tampa DUI defense attorneys have years of experience defending the rights of Tampa drivers and have successfully handled over 7,000 cases!

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