Husband & Wife Arrested for Domestic Violence Battery; No Charges Filed

Thomas & Paulk represented a client who was arrested at Busch Gardens after security officers reported to police that she had been in a fight with her husband in the parking lot. Police arrived at the scene and arrested both her and her husband for domestic violence battery. Because our client was arrested on a Friday morning, she was set appear in court on Saturday morning for a bond hearing.

At Thomas & Paulk, P.A., we always have an attorney on call and often have to appear at hearings on weekends. Often, people think they cannot find an attorney to appear on short notice or on a weekend or holiday if a friend or family member is arrested. Because Florida law requires people to be brought before a judge within 24 hours, we always have an attorney on call that can appear at these hearings.

In this case, we appeared at the first appearance and our client was released without posting any bond. We were then able to argue to the State Attorney that because officers charged both our client and her husband both had the right to remain silent. Due to this, they had no way to prove any of the allegations against our client. The State Attorney then chose not to file any criminal charges against our client or her husband.