10-Year-Old Boy Prevents Home Invasion

On June 12, 2015, a 10-year-old boy was outside of his Zephyrhills apartment playing when, K. Brown, approached the boy with a gun, demanding that he let him inside the boy’s apartment.

The boy raced back to the apartment, and quickly slammed the door saying that some guy was chasing him, said his father, R. Mauger.

Brown attempted to force his way into the apartment, but ultimately gave up. Instead, he carjacked a neighbor and drove off.

Mauger said that he told his son that he was their hero because if it wasn’t for him locking the door, Brown would have gotten into their apartment, and he would have had instant four hostages.

Sheriff Chriss Nocco said that Brown was a time bomb that was about to explode.

A manhunt was launched by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, which chased Brown to Crystal Springs. However, it was an anonymous tip that led the authorities to Brown. He was found naked and armed on a railroad track.

Brown’s manhunt put the Pasco County community on edge for 24 hours. Brown pointed his gun at five different people before he was arrested.

The investigators said that Brown has 22 prior arrests and was a known as a meth user. With the help of the residents in the community, Brown was apprehended without incident.

Sgt. Dean Quinlan said that they were tired of Brown’s victimization, and that they knew that due to his drug history, he was in need of help.

On June 12, 2015, Brown was brought before a judge, who listed six charges that carry a bond totaling $620,000.

Why do the authorities think that Brown was found naked? Law enforcement believes it might have been the meth, or he could have been trying to throw off the dogs that were tracking his scent.

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