Tips for Avoiding a DUI This Thanksgiving!

While there is some debate as to whether the holidays begin on Halloween or Thanksgiving, law enforcement and DUI attorneys tend to agree that Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. Actually, it’s Thanksgiving Eve.

On Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, offices are closing early and people are preparing for the big holiday the following day. Thanksgiving Eve is when the alcohol starts to flow, and when law enforcement steps up its DUI enforcement efforts in big and small towns across the country.

Don’t let a Thanksgiving DUI ruin your four-day weekend! Instead, follow these tips to ensure that you enjoy safe, arrest-free celebrations:

Tip 1. Check online for DUI checkpoints.
While New Year’s Eve may traditionally have the highest number of DUI arrests, Thanksgiving is a significant holiday when it comes to DUI arrests and accidents, and the police know it. You can count on law enforcement to set up DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols over the four-day weekend to nail inebriated drivers.

We recommend going online and checking for the local DUI checkpoints. That way, you don’t accidentally end up driving straight into one.

Tip 2. Assign a designated driver.
If you’re surrounded by family this holiday season, you can take advantage of the additional designated drivers on hand. If your grandmother or your father doesn’t drink, ask them to be the DD! Just be sure not to choose someone who will be tempted to drink, leaving you without a ride.

Tip 3. Use a ride-sharing service.
Whether it’s celebrating with family, the relaxation, or the stress of bringing everyone together, lots of people drink on Thanksgiving.

If you do indulge in one too many drinks and you don’t have a DD, call a ride-sharing service, such as Uber or Lyft. Even if they jack up their rates because of the holiday, it’s far cheaper than getting a DUI!

Tip 4. If you can’t afford a ride.
Not everybody has the money for Uber or a cab, and that happens sometimes. If you can’t afford a ride, look into AAA’s Holiday Safe Ride Program, which offers free towing for members and non-members in select areas nationwide.

Contact a Tampa DUI Defense Lawyer

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