DUI Incidents Spike on Labor Day Weekend

Avoiding DUI Charges This Labor Day Weekend

It has been an established fact for years now—Labor Day brings with it a much higher rate of dunk driving accidents and fatalities. As the last holiday of summer, many people treat Labor Day weekend as a “final hurrah” before beginning school or heading into the fall. This results in a great deal of drinking and partying over the holiday weekend.

While there is nothing wrong with drinking, there is no ignoring the statistics. During Labor Day weekend, DUI deaths occur nearly twice as often as a normal weekend. For perspective, that’s a drunk driving death once every half hour, on average.

The Police Are Responding

As a result of higher drunk driving accidents, city and state police departments have been implementing DUI crackdown and punishment programs all over the nation this weekend. Los Angeles is setting up multiple checkpoints all weekend to catch drunk drivers in the act. South Carolina and Georgia are also setting up stringent checkpoints all over their deadliest highways.

Even here in Tampa, the Hillsborough County Police Department are planning on multiple compliance checkpoints, saturation patrols, and other measures in order to discourage drunk driving throughout this holiday weekend. Saturation patrols, by the way, mean that the police will be out in force on the streets of Tampa from Friday to Monday, making sure drunk drivers are spotted and punished. Multiple agencies will be coordinating, so police representing the city, county, and state will be represented.

DUI Costs & Consequences

While in Florida a DUI fine is a maximum of $1,000 to $2,000, there are other costs to a DUI conviction. Between bail, attorney fees, DUI classes, and other penalties, those convicted in a DUI case (especially during the Labor Day crackdown) are looking at around $10,000 in fees, potentially. This is also not accounting for increased insurance rates and possible loss of employment.

If you are planning on enjoying yourself this weekend, make sure that you are absolutely sober before you get behind the wheel. Drink plenty of water, and do not drink for at least an hour before leaving where you are. If you host a party, make sure your guests are safe to drive before they leave. Labor Day weekend can produce great memories—but can also result in life-changing penalties.

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