Arrested for DUI During a Pending DUI Case

police officer holding handcuffs and a driver after DUI arrest

When you have pending criminal charges of any kind, it’s crucial to avoid new legal trouble. Sometimes, though, people make mistakes. Here’s what you could expect if you are charged with DUI while currently in the midst of a separate DUI case.

Elevated Penalties That Result After Two DUI Charges

License Suspension

In Florida, your driver’s license is suspended immediately after your first DUI arrest. From that date, you only have ten days to contest the suspension. If you do not contest the suspension, your license will remain suspended. If you are arrested for driving under the influence on a suspended license, you could face a new misdemeanor or felony charge.

It’s also important to note that driving on a suspended license could result in a criminal charge even if you are sober.

Multiple DUI Penalties

Getting a new DUI charge during a pending case signals to the judge that the driver either has not learned from the initial DUI or will continue to drive under the influence.

Severe penalties for repeat DUI offenses can include:
● License revocation for multiple years
● Inability to obtain a hardship license
● Thousands of dollars in fines
● A prison sentence
● Vehicle impoundment

Violation of Bail or Jail Release

After being arrested for a first-time DUI offense, you are taken into custody. You may be released from custody on bond, conditional release, or by your own recognizance. In each of these cases, there will be stipulations you must follow. A common condition of your release back into the community is that you cannot become involved in any legal trouble throughout the duration of your case. If you are arrested for DUI while already having a pending DUI case, this could be a violation of your release. As a result, you may be immediately taken back into police custody and be required to stay in jail for the remainder of your case.

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