Thomas and Paulk

Drug Crimes

A lot of times people make a mistake in their life and they don’t get an attorney when they do something. They think that it’s just going to be okay and that it’s just their first offense. Well, with any drug conviction, you lose your driver’s license for two years. There’s no hardship, so what are you doing? How are you going to support your family when you can’t drive for two years?

If you’re charged with a drug crime, because they are a felony, there are much more serious ramifications for your future. Higher potential sentences, higher probation, higher fines. The most important thing that you do when you are charged with a drug crime is go speak to an attorney immediately.

Recently, I handled a case with someone who had never been in any trouble before. They had found themselves in a situation where they had become addicted to opiates. I was able to help that person get their case dismissed where it would not be on their record and help them get back on the right track and get the help that they need so hopefully they’ll never find themselves again charged with a crime. Get this problem, this mistake, behind you so that you can move on.