Thomas and Paulk

Juvenile Cases

We take juvenile cases very seriously at Thomas & Paulk because we are dealing with a child. I have children myself, and I know that everyone is protective of their children. I probably made my parents worry too much, and so now it’s my chance to let these parents know that we’ll be able to take care of these things for their children and have the kids know that we’ll be able to fix their problems so it doesn’t haunt them for the rest of their life.

In a juvenile case, you are actually required to hire an attorney for your trial. A lot of people don’t realize that, and they show up to court without an attorney and the judge starts asking them how come they did not retain an attorney for their child who was charged for a crime. Whenever you are charged with a juvenile offense, or if your child is charged with a juvenile offense, you need to speak to a defense attorney immediately to discuss the options on what we can do to defend that case. So it’s important to speak to an attorney to make sure that you protect your child’s rights.