Thomas and Paulk

Theft Crimes

At Thomas & Paulk, we handle all types of theft crimes that can involve very minor thefts like shoplifting or petty theft to very serious theft crimes. It’s all based on dollar amount so most criminal offenses that involve a theft from a store are going to wind up being misdemeanor offenses. Petty theft, which is a misdemeanor, is something less than $300. Grand theft is anything valued over $300. Now there’s fraud, or using someone’s credit card, or things like that, but that goes under fraud which is basically a theft, but those are felonies.

One of the most important things in a theft case is to find out if there was actually a theft, and let’s see the proof that there was a theft. Often, if someone is charged with theft from an employer, somehow those amounts get elevated. Often, the reason there was a theft was because of relaxed supervision, which generally can mean that more than one person may have been committing a theft crime. So it’s very easy when someone gets charged with theft for everything that may have happened at that employer to get blamed on one specific person when it wasn’t. It’s important that you have an attorney that can look through all those issues and make sure that you’re not charged for something that someone else did.