Thomas and Paulk

Violent Crimes

There are good, ordinary people that had a bad day, that had too much to drink one night, and got in a fight with a buddy or a friend and/or someone in a parking lot or a bar and something happens and it falls under violent crime. Crime can be considered a violent crime because you possessed a weapon or because you’re charged with some type of battery, which would be the striking of another person against their will.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a push, or throwing a piece of paper that can strike someone, that can be alleged as a domestic violence crime. Generally speaking, when the police come out on domestic violence charge, no matter what the allegations, someone is going to jail, because they are going to diffuse the situation. So it’s important that you have a defense attorney to advocate on your behalf with the prosecutor. Those cases are very different from some criminal, some gangster going out, perpetrating violence on the community.

Our biggest thing is to distinguish that you’re not some criminal and resolve the problem for you. What can really make a violent crime a really serious crime is the allegations of the use of a firearm. When firearms are used in a crime, it greatly increases the penalties that you could be facing. It’s important that you have an attorney to represent you on your behalf so you’re not facing a serious mandatory minimum prison sentence when you were just acting in your own self-defense.