Thomas and Paulk

Meet Jeff Paulk

I was a history major, and I actually got a ticket that I didn’t think was very fair. So I actually fought my first case as a student at Stetson University in undergrad and I actually won. So that’s kind of where I decided that I really liked the law. In the course of doing that, I worked as a prosecutor for a little over three years, prosecuting everything from misdemeanor cases to serious felony cases. I wanted to go into private practice and switch to defending people that had been charged with crimes. We started our practice here at Thomas & Paulk, summer of 2001. We’ve been doing criminal defense ever since.

"One of his greatest attributes is that his moral compass, his composure, and temperament are so even. That’s a great asset." - Jeff Thomas

Almost everyone I represent, I’m representing them probably at the lowest point in their life. How they got to that point, there may be many reasons for that, and I enjoy trying to find out what those reasons are that led someone to get to this point in their life where they’ve been charged with a crime and to try and help them come back from that. Because I take it personally. When my client is charged with a crime, and I’m in court, I almost feel like it’s me that’s being accused because I really want to have a successful result. So that’s what drives me to get up every day, and to do what I do, because I yearn to see that successful result.

Beyond just representing my clients, I want to help other people. I think it’s very important that attorneys be willing to give back to the community in a way that isn’t charging a fee. I enjoy doing pro bono work. If I didn’t like helping people, I wouldn’t want to be a criminal defense attorney because that’s basically what I do every day. I want my client to walk out of the courtroom knowing that I’ve done a good job and knowing that they’re going to be okay.