White Collar Crimes

When it comes to white collar crimes, there are no "soft" charges. You could face years in prison and heavy fines. Our attorneys fight for our clients' interests in the face of investigations and allegations.

Tampa White Collar Crime Lawyers

Criminal Charges for Business & Financial Offenses

The term white collar crime refers to nonviolent, financially motivated crimes. Many are committed by "white collar" professionals or by people who work for a government agency, but not all of them. Some people accused of committing white collar crimes, such as counterfeiting or identity theft, do not wear a suit and tie to work as the term implies. 

White collar charges are often brought against:

  • Doctors (insurance fraud)
  • Corporate executives
  • Politicians
  • Business managers
  • Stockbrokers
  • Loan officers
  • Other professionals

Because white collar crime often involves accusations against people in positions of public trust or well-known figures, charges can attract serious media attention. Once convicted of betraying the public, a defendant may never recover their career or rebuild their life. 

Aggressive White Collar Crime Defense  in Tampa

A person who is under investigation for a white collar crime must speak with an attorney immediately — even before they've been formally accused. If you are facing an investigation or charges, Thomas & Paulk may be able to help. We've served Tampa and all of Florida for more than 20 years, helping thousands of clients avoid the serious repercussions of criminal charges and convictions, including a wide range of white collar crimes.

At Thomas & Paulk, we aggressively defend clients who are facing charges involving business, financial, and political crimes. If our Tampa white collar crime attorneys take on your case, we will work tirelessly to challenge the prosecution's evidence against you, questioning the validity of how it was obtained and working to make sure it cannot be used against you in trial. Our goal is to achieve the best outcome possible in your case, which could mean dropped charges.

Seasoned Counsel Makes All the Difference

Because the media dissects accusations of bribery, extortion, or other white collar crimes, you need an attorney who has experience resolving these cases discreetly and quickly. A good defense lawyer isn't just your advocate in court, but in every arena you're under attack. That may include your workplace, the media, and even your family life. Thomas & Paulk has the experience and track record to defend every part of your life — legal or otherwise.

For a free and confidential case evaluation, call (813) 321-7323.

Under Investigation?

At any stage of your case, you can trust that our Tampa white collar crime lawyers at Thomas & Paulk have the know-how to make a difference. This is true even if no charges have been filed. Even in the investigatory phase, we can fight to protect your rights and freedom.

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