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Our Tampa DUI attorneys are both former prosecutors who have handled thousands of cases. We have the experience necessary to handle any case, from a first DUI offense to vehicular manslaughter.

Tampa DUI Attorneys

Put Former Prosecutors in Your Corner

Getting arrested for DUI can ruin someone’s work prospects, render them unable to get an education, and limit their options for months, even years. Pleading guilty without consulting an attorney only makes life easier for the prosecutor. It may make life worse for you.

That’s why you deserve to have a skilled Tampa DUI attorney

At Thomas & Paulk, we have handled 7,000+ criminal cases. Backed by more than two decades of experience, we are heavyweights in the courtroom. You can trust us to protect your rights in your criminal case and while protecting your driver's license. Whatever path is best for your future, we’ll make sure to give you the strongest possible chance of success. If you’ve been arrested, you may think there is no hope. However, there are various factors that skilled attorneys can leverage as they fight for reduced charges, acquittal, or dismissal.

Building an Effective DUI Defense Strategy

An effective DUI defense strategy may be built upon evidence of:

  • Being unlawfully stopped by law enforcement
  • Being arrested without the officer establishing probable cause
  • An improperly administered field sobriety, blood, or breath test
  • Officers incorrectly administering a forced blood draw

These issues may disqualify the evidence against you. With the help of expert witnesses and a skillful cross-examination, your attorney may be able to show that the evidence against you is inadmissible or does not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. After a person has been charged with DUI, they must consult a skilled attorney. We can get involved from the onset of the legal process and provide insight and direction as the person’s case progresses.

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Proven DUI Defense

Since 2001, we at Thomas & Paulk have dedicated our careers to helping people in Florida who are dealing with criminal matters: arrests, warrants, investigations, and more. Because we know the science and the laws behind DUI charges, we offer proven defense counsel.

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