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Tampa Out-of-State DUI Lawyers

Out-of-State Representation for Florida DUI Charges

Unfortunately, some driving under the influence arrests do not happen in your hometown. In fact, in some cases, you may be arrested while traveling for business, vacationing, or visiting family. This can take an already complicated situation and just make it more difficult. It can be tough to know what to do.

When faced with an out-of-state DUI, you probably have a lot of questions:

  • Do I work with a local attorney?
  • Can I go back home?
  • What happens to my license?
  • Do I need to show up for court?

Our Tampa DUI lawyers can answer these questions and more. Our firm has handled thousands of cases, many of them for defendants who don’t live in Tampa. We regularly handle (and win) cases for people arrested while passing through—saving them a great deal of time, money, and effort. 

Arrested for DUI While Visiting Tampa Bay?

In Florida, out-of-state DUIs are handled in a very specific way. This is because certain states share driving information with other states. Florida is a member of the Driver’s License Compact (DLC) and the Non-Resident Violators Compact (NRVC), and out-of-state DUIs are handled according to these compacts. 

Both of these compacts are explained below:

Driver’s License Compact (DLC) 
This compact is shared by 45 states in the U.S. It operates under the theme of “One Driver, One License, One Record” and works to help create consistency with how states throughout the country handle out-of-state traffic violations. This interstate compact requires its members to exchange information with other member-states whenever a non-resident is arrested or cited. Then, the defendant’s home state would treat it as if the offense had happened on home turf—including penalties and driver’s license suspension.

Non-Resident Violators Compact (NRVC) 
This compact is shared across only 44 states. It was created in the 1970s and is used to help with processing citations that occur across state borders. For example, if a motorist is cited in a state that is not their own and chooses to ignore the ticket, the state where the citation occurred would inform their home state. The motorist’s home state would then take action—likely suspending their license. While some traffic violations do not fall under its scope, many do. The focus remains on moving violations.

Helping Non-Residents with a Tampa DUI

Dealing with an out-of-state DUI is even more complex than a regular DUI and requires an experienced attorney to help untangle the legal issues. At Thomas & Paulk, we have handled thousands of DUIs and are well-versed in the laws surrounding the DLC and NRVC. If you have questions about how dealing with an out-of-state DUI will affect your case, you should not hesitate to contact our firm. 

We can help with your criminal charges and can help determine the best course of action. We can explain questions such as what to expect and whether you need to appear in court. In situations where we can represent you without you needing to be there, we will gladly handle the situation for you. 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the law. We know what’s at stake, and we are here to provide you with the guidance you deserve. Call (813) 221-4200 today!

Out-of-State Driver?

If you were arrested for DUI in Florida but live in another state, Thomas & Paulk may be able to help. We are a local Tampa firm that can handle every aspect of your case for you, limiting or even eliminating the need for you to return to Florida for court or other appearances. Every case is different, however, so we welcome you to contact us about your situation.

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