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About Florida’s Licensed DUI Programs

If convicted of DUI in Florida, there are several penalties you may face. You may be required to pay monetary fines or may be imprisoned. You may have insurance rates skyrocket or have your license suspended. However, one penalty that many people are unaware of is DUI school. DUI school is overseen by the Bureau of Motorist Compliance and DUI programs. This oversight primarily focuses on instructor certification, as well as training and any complaints that need investigation. Other areas include client appeals, site visits, and more.

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What Is the Purpose of DUI School?

All states have drug and alcohol education programs, and DUI offenders are required to complete them to satisfy driver’s license and judicial requirements. These programs aim to educate DUI offenders on the effects of drugs and alcohol and provide psychosocial evaluation and treatment referral. Non-profit organizations run the 26 licensed programs in Florida. In Hillsborough County, the licensed program is DUI Counterattack, Hillsborough, Inc. Incorporated in 1971, DUI Counterattack’s mission is to help reduce the number of repeat offenders.

DUI Counterattack offers two educational services required by the Florida DHSMV:

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About DUI School in Tampa, FL

DUI Program Fees

If you are facing DUI charges in Florida, you may be wondering how much the DUI program would cost. If you’re convicted of DUI, you would be expected to pay out of pocket.

As of this writing, the DUI program fees are as follows:

  • Level I registration: $280 (within 90 days of enrolling).
  • Level I, First Course Reassignment: $40 (within 90 days).
  • Level I, Second Course Reassignment: $75 (within 90 days).
  • Level I, Third Course Reassignment: $153 (within 90 days).
  • Level I, any reassignment: $275 (on or after 90 days).
  • Level II registration: $425 (within 90 days).
  • Level II, First Course Reassignment: $60 (within 90 days).
  • Level II, Second Course Reassignment: $120 (within 90 days).
  • Level II, Third Course Reassignment: $238 (within 90 days).
  • Level II, any reassignment: $420 (on or after 90 days).

Hardship Reinstatement & DUI School

DUI school is often required to apply for a hardship license. For a first-time conviction, you will be required to complete DUI school before hardship reinstatement. If you do not apply early and instead wait through the entire revocation, you'll only need to show proof that you enrolled in the class or that you completed it. If you fail to complete the class within 90 days of reinstatement, you may have your license canceled until you finish. For a second conviction within five years or a third conviction within ten years, you will again need to complete DUI school. The same goes for charges of DUI manslaughter and reckless driving.

Frequently Asked Questions: DUI Programs

How many hours are the programs? 

  • The Level I course requires a minimum of 12 hours of classroom instruction. The Level II course (for multiple DUI offenders) involves a minimum of 21 hours of instruction.

How many students are in Level II? 

  • In Level II, there are no more than 15 students per class.

Which DUI program is in Hillsborough County? 

  • In Hillsborough County, we have DUI Counterattack Hillsborough, Inc. 

Is DUI School required for hardship reinstatement? 

  • Yes, drivers must complete DUI school before hardship reinstatement.

Do I have to go to DUI School? 

  • Even if you don’t drive until your revocation expires, you must complete DUI school to be re-licensed. You must complete it within 90 days of license reinstatement.

Is DUI School mandatory?

  • If you are attempting to finish the Reducing Impaired Driving Recidivism (RIDR) program, you must attend a Level I DUI class. If you fail to participate in a Level I DUI class, you may forfeit your right to finish. If this happens, you may be convicted of a DUI and must attend a Level I DUI class anyway.  

Because every case is different, the best way to learn more about DUI school in Tampa and whether you must attend is by asking your attorney. Our team at Thomas & Paulk can help!

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