Thomas and Paulk

Firm Overview

Here at Thomas & Paulk, we represent people: good, ordinary, everyday salt of the earth people that had a bad day. If you’ve been charged with a crime and you hire Thomas & Paulk to represent you, you can be assured that we are going to look for every possible defense in your case. And that we’re going to get you through the process in the best possible outcome. Our ultimate goal in every case is to have our client found not guilty or have the charges against them dismissed.

This is a, we call it a boutique firm. We don’t pass our clients off onto some newbie right out of school working for us. We actually do your case. Either Jeff Thomas or Jeff Paulk will be in court handling your case—and I think that’s important. After 20 years of doing these things together it’s a special relationship and I think that’s what you get when you come to Thomas & Paulk.

Sometimes clients come in and they think, “I don’t have a shot of not getting convicted of this crime.” I never look at a case this way and neither does my partner. We are always looking for the way that we can reach a successful outcome of a case. We offer a free consultation. We are available 24 hours a day. There’s an attorney on call all the time.

I want my client to know and to understand that after they leave my office after that first day that they can take a small sigh of relief and feel comfortable in knowing that they found someone they can believe in who's going to represent their interests and protect their family like it would their own. I think it’s important for people to come in, sit down with us, and let us explain to them what we can do to help, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that we’re going to help them find it.