Thomas and Paulk

Meet Thomas & Paulk

One of the big advantages of our firm is that we give cases our personal attention. We don’t have any associates that work at our firm, it’s just Jeff Paulk and Jeff Thomas, who are both partners here. We practice solely here in the Tampa Bay area, so when you hire Thomas & Paulk—you get Thomas or Paulk to handle your case.

The bulk of the system, the majority of all the people there, are just good, ordinary people, just like you and I that got caught up in something. Just because they made one little mistake doesn’t mean they should have to pay for it with the rest of their life. That’s what develops when you develop this personal type relationship with the people that you are representing. They become a part of your family or your friends or your circle. So then you’re very involved with their life. That’s why it becomes so important to get to know your clients, to be able to talk to them. You can’t fix it for someone if you don’t know what they need.

I always knew I wanted to be a defense attorney. In my mind that has to do with the fairness of keeping checks and balances of the system. Law enforcement needs to be kept in check. I have this mindset that things should be fair.

A lot of time prosecutors, judges, and police officers—they always see an incident. They see a police report. They see something that happened on one particular day. What I typically do in a criminal defense case is that I want to convince the judge, the prosecutor, or the jury of the good things about my client. The things I see that other people didn’t see from their maybe one bad incident or one bad night. I enjoy a successful resolution to a case, when somebody sends me a thank you note in the mail. Something to tell me that they are happy with what happened with their case, with their result. That’s probably the best part of my job.

That’s really important: having our client feel comfortable about what’s going to happen and letting them know their futures going to be okay. Even no matter how bad it is, it’s going to be okay, we’ll be able to do stuff to make it better, and that they’re going to get through this.