Thomas and Paulk

Law Firm Costs

We charge no fee for a consultation. We’re happy to sit down and go over the issues in your case. Often, people think they can just call an attorney and ask them over the phone, “What’s this going to cost?” If you’re doing that, you’re making a mistake. That attorney can’t possibly know what it’s going to cost without knowing what happened in your case and what work needs to be done.

At Thomas & Paulk, we’re happy to have someone come in and sit down. We’ll go over your case with you. You may find that it’s going to be much more reasonable than you thought. Because every case is different, and some cases are going to take longer than others.

Even two people with DUIs have vastly different cases. Maybe one person has urine tests involved that are going to take longer to come back. Maybe the person has a prior record that’s going to complicate the case.

Every case is different, but we’ve handled thousands of criminal cases. So when you come in to meet with us, that’s not going to cost you anything, and then we're going to tell you at the end of our consultation how much it’s going to cost to represent you and how we’ll be able to work with you to make sure that you can afford that fee.