Charged With a DUI

Attorney Jeff Paulk explains what happens after you are charged with Driving Under the Influence and what steps you should take.

You only have ten days in order to fight your driver’s license suspension. Right now, the DMV is attempting to take your driver’s license for a year if you refuse the breath test or for six months if you took the test and blew over .08. You only have ten days in order to obtain counsel for us to fight that driver’s license suspension. It’s important that you act now so that we can get you a temporary permit and contest that driver’s license suspension.

Also, you have ten days to set a court date and you need to have an attorney to have your court date set to put in a written plea of not guilty in order to get all of the evidence in what’s called discovery. The state attorney’s office must provide us with all your police reports your video tapes so we can evaluate your field sobriety exercises and all the other evidence in your case. If you have taken the breath test one of things that we need to look at is the breath instrument. We need t find out if the instrument was working properly, if it had been properly maintained and if your breath results were accurate.

All these things must be done through an attorney. At Thomas & Paulk we handle your case from beginning to end. We fight your DUI suspension, get you a temporary driving permit if you are eligible and we contest your case in court; we obtain all the evidence and defend your case from begging to end. 

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