Motions to Suppress

Jeff Paulk explains motions to suppress and how certain things may not be admissible in your court case.

Many times in a DUI case there may be motions to suppress that can be filed. Those can be motions to suppress your traffic stop which means anything obtained by the officer after your car was stopped may not be admissible in court. One of the reasons for this is maybe the officer didn’t have a valid reason to pull your car over to begin with. It important that you have an attorney who understands in DUI law what constitutes a valid traffic stop so that if we can file a motion to suppress, it’s done.

Additionally, sometimes the breath test results can be suppressed based on problems with the breath instrument. So it’s important in a DUI case that you have an attorney who understands that motion practice in a DUI case is one of the most important aspects of a DUI defense. At Thomas & Paulk, we are prior prosecutors we understand what the state attorney’s office needs to prove in court and we have the experience necessary to file any motions in your case that may be valid. So please give us a call, we will be happy to tell you if we think you have any problems with your case and of course when we sign up your case, look at your evidence, police reports, video tapes and we will be able to tell you what defenses you may have in your DUI case.

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