Alcohol Crimes Results

    • Possession of Open Container - Alcohol Crimes Charges Dropped

      Client possessing open container of alcohol. State dropped all charges.

    • Open Container - Alcohol Crimes Charges Dropped

      Client arrested at Gasparilla for open container. State Attorney agreed to drop charges and client did not get a criminal record.

    • Minor in Possession - Alcohol Crimes Charges Dropped

      Client was down from Florida State University attending a University of South Florida football game when she was arrested for underage drinking. Over the last few years we have noticed that law enforcement has been making more arrests at Bull's football games. In most of these cases the reason law enforcement gives for approaching people who are drinking is that they claim the person "looked underage." We have been successful in arguing that it is not sufficient grounds to detain a person in order to verify age. In this case, the court agreed and all charges were dropped.

    • Minor in Possession - Alcohol Crimes Charges Dismissed

      Our client was a college student who was arrested at the Gasparilla Parade for the underage possession of alcohol. Since they were young with no criminal record—and would likely be looking for a career shortly—we negotiated with the State Attorney for a way to avoid criminal charges. We were able to get the State to agree to drop the charges after our client performed community service work. Our client performed 16 hours of community service and all charges were dismissed—leaving their criminal record clean.

    • Minor in Possession - Alcohol Crimes All Charges Dropped

      Client was arrested in the parking lot of the amphitheater in Tampa for having alcohol while under 21. She was approached in the parking lot by undercover officers working for Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco and asked for her ID. The officers then arrested our client claiming they asked for ID because she appeared to be under 21 even though she was just a few months from turning 21. We argued to the Office of the State Attorney that the officer had no valid way to claim he had a reasonable suspicion that our client was under 21. The State agreed to drop all charges against our client.

    • Disorderly Intoxication - Alcohol Crimes Charges Dropped

      Our client was a recent graduate of the University of Tampa who faced criminal charges for disorderly intoxication after being asked to leave a pub in Tampa. Officers accused our client of disturbing others in the area; however, they did not get the names of any witnesses who could testify to that fact, and they did not ask our client to perform any breath tests or field sobriety tests. Due to this lack of evidence, our firm was able to convince the State Attorney to not file any charges against our client.

    • Possession of Alcohol by a Minor - Alcohol Crimes Charges Dropped

      College student was charged with possession of alcohol by a person under 21. We convinced the State Attorney to allow our client to perform 16 hours of community service work; all charges were dropped without our client ever having to appear in court.