Sex Crimes Results

    • Exposure of Sexual Organ - Sex Crimes Intervention program and all charges dismissed

      Defendant indecent exposure. After providing the State with medical records the State Attorney agreed to allow our client to enter the misdemeanor intervention program and all charges were dismissed.

    • Failure to Report as Sex Offender - Sex Crimes All charges dropped

      Client was failure of sex offender to report. Client was facing extradition from another state and a possible five year prison sentence. Our office was able to present evidence to the State Attorney that caused all charges to be dropped.

    • Solicitation of Prostitution - Sex Crimes All charges dismissed

      Defendant was arrested for soliciting an undercover police officer for sex. After reviewing the evidence in the case, we determined that the law enforcement officer had entrapped our client. We filed a motion to dismiss charges. The court granted our motion and all charges were dismissed.