Davie Mom Urges a Ban on Synthetic Drugs

Bath salts and synthetic marijuana are two of the most dangerous drugs on the market, and have been the cause of heinous crimes such as the face-eating stunt in Miami and a mother who ate her child’s toes and brain. The synthetic drugs cause most users to become violent, cannibalistic, and erratic. This is why one Davie mom is trying to motivate the city council to evoke a ban on the substances. According to The Sun Sentinel, Maureen Barrett has a personal reason to hate synthetic drugs. Her son was found dead in his apartment back in March. In his room were packets of Cloud Nine and Mr. Nice Guy, two different brands of synthetic marijuana.

Barrett arrived at the Davie Town Hall last week to share her story with council members and explain why they need to ban all synthetic drugs in the jurisdiction. She says that the drugs are dangerous for users and those who interact with the men and women that are high off of the substances. The council will be taking a vote on the tentative ban soon. While an original vote was already taken, the laws had to be rewritten because a Town Attorney proposed that they were flawed. Some council members think that Davie might be overstepping its bounds by criminalizing the drugs.

Right now, no field tests are available so the police cannot test for the possession or use of these drugs in the streets. They want to place a $5,000 fine on any persons that are caught with the drugs, but are not sure if that is permissible because the state is supposed to set any fines above $500. If you have been caught with a synthetic drug, your sentence could vary because of the decisions in Davie. Talk to a criminal defense attorney today for help with your case. We will use the current debate on synthetic drug laws to your favor to try and lessen or dismiss your charges.