Tampa Police Track Down Car Wash Bandit

In Tampa, Florida, police have been looking into a case involving theft crimes committed at a local car wash. Allegedly, there were five thieves working together to steal money from the establishment. Officers became involved once the theft was reported and were able to catch the man thought to be the ring leader. His arrest led to the capture of the four other suspects several days later. According to the police report, the ring leader J.M. was stealing cash from money dispensers at a local car wash. Police finally caught up with him during a routine traffic stop. After interrogating him about the car wash robbery, he admitted to at least 19 other business and residential burglaries that he had committed over the past month.

The items that he stole were then taken to a couple in Tampa. This couple, A.W. and S.L., would either trade in the items or sell them for cash. In addition to finding several stolen pieces at the residence, police uncovered marijuana, crack cocaine residue, and $1,200 in cash. Following the couple's arrest, two more people were arrested in connection with the string of robberies. If you have been accused of theft, whether accusation were related to a misdemeanor or a felony offense, it is important that you consult a Tampa criminal defense attorney from our team immediately. To arrange a time to speak with our legal team, contact Thomas & Paulk now.